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Portrayed by Zuzanna Szadkowski since the second episode, Dorota Kishlovsky is the Waldorf's housekeeper. Despite often snapping at her in numerous episodes, Blair is shown to see Dorota as a mother figure and her closest confindant.

In the web-series "Chasing Dorota", it is revealed that Dorota is actually a Polish countess with a secret husband, Stanisaw. She fled to America to escape her family and began working for the Waldorfs in 2004. She eventually divorces her husband after falling in love with Vanya, the Russian doorman at the van der Woodsens' apartment building. In "The Treasure of Serena Madre" she is revealed to be unexpectedly pregnant. They get married in "The Unblairable Lightness of Being" when she finds out that her family will be visiting her.

She gives birth to a daughter named Anastasia in the third season finale, and she and Vanya move into an apartment in Queens, bought for them by Cyrus. In the season 5 premiere episode, she finds out that Blair is pregnant and covers it up by announcing her own pregnancy. She later gives birth to a son named Leo.
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